Frank B. Rosenacker, Chairman and General Council, is a fourth generation funeral director and serves as president of his family funeral home. He is a practicing attorney and owns and operates Rosenacker & Associates, an international funeral service consulting firm offering business appraisals and evaluations, accounting and tax services, succession and estate planning, and buy/sell/merger representation. He has lectured extensibly to national, state and local groups on issues affecting funeral directors and funeral homes.


& Associates...
On staff attorneys, accountants and administrative specialists work only in one field - funeral service. So you don't need to spend hours telling us about the profession. Whether your needs are in the court room, the conference room or an IRS hearing room, we've been there with other funeral directors and know what you'll be facing. If you're already dealing with situations - or would like to avoid them, our staff is on your side, with knowledge and experience you can use today.
That's your Rosenacker Advantage.


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