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Compliance/Regulatory: R&A keeps you up to date with changes in the industry including: insurance, worker’s compensation, OSHA, employment, and ADA. R&A also provides the steps and information to make sure your business operation is complaint with old and new laws. Keeping your business up to date includes providing interpretations of the rules, providing necessary documentation to comply, and continued training to the business to remain compliant. 


Estate Planning: Planning your future is complex. Ironically, many time those in the funeral industry are the last to plan for themselves. R&A helps make sure that your future estate plans are in order so you can focus on today.


Next of Kin Issues: Society is becoming more and more transient and splintered. Making arrangements are having a contract signed is not as easy as it was in the past. Now a business must make sure it is dealing with the proper party and protect itself from the “unknown” family members. R&A provides the knowledge to help work through any Next of Kin dispute ranging from divorce; unknown children; step-families; prison; etc… As the world changes these issues only grow and R&A is with you to help make sense of the situation. 


Business Structure: Whether your business is established or brand new, the proper entity selection is crucial. The effects of liability and tax based on your decision can stay with you forever. It is important to make sure that all of your needs are addressed when deciding corporation or LLC. R&A, because of its legal and accounting knowledge, can not only inform as to the best choice; but R&A can actually get you there by filing the documents and setting you up from day one.



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