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Payables: Why spend the time writing checks, tracking invoices, keeping balances when R&A can do it all for you? R&A assists many of its clients in the day to day financial activity so you can focus on your business. R&A provides a daily cash balance and account info so you always have the necessary information to run your day to day operations.

Payroll: Everyone wants to get paid but with all the regulations no one wants to be the one cutting the check. Let R&A handle the W-2s, 1099s, and withholdings so you can focus on the other issues affecting your business.

Accounts Receivable: In today’s tough economic climate, no one can afford AR. R&A doesn’t just talk about AR, we help solve AR through prevention. We create plans with your business to prevent AR; help train those in your business so they understand; and when AR rears its ugly head we help you track it so you don’t miss any money you’re owed.

Financials: Financials are a great tool for any business, helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses. R&A creates financials on a regular basis to help your business. But, R&A goes further by helping you: understand the info in your financials; make changes to improve your financials; tailor your financials so they help grow your business.

Budgets: Budgets do more than set limits on what you spend. Budgets track trends; show waste; demonstrate strengths and weaknesses. R&A helps you create a tailored budget for your business, then we follow your budget so you can make it work.

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