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Buy/Sell: One of the most exciting things in business can be the new start – either buying or selling into their new role as owner or retiree. 


When buying or selling is the step, R&A:

  • Helps find the perfect business or buyer for you.

  • Performs financial analysis to determine the right value

  • Negotiates the price so you get the best deal available

  • Assists with obtaining financing

  • Attends the closing to advise & help make a smooth transition


Succession Planning: There is more to succession planning than just handing over your business. It’s important to know your business objective and goals; then make sure there are key people in place to continue. Without simple understanding, complex problems will arise.


Retirement: Retirement is and should be a common goal of everyone. But with 401ks, pensions, life insurance, IRAs and so on – what’s right for you? R&A helps you plan a retirement goal and prepare you for retirement so it’s not just a dream.


Future Growth: We know the importance of cashflow, especially in today’s tough economic times. But, we also know the importance of future growth. We help our clients understand and prepare so future growth is the norm for their company.


Appraisals: Everyone has a time when they need to know what their business is worth. Whether it’s valuing a business to purchase, sell, settling an estate; or divorce; let experts, ones who only work with businesses in the funeral industry, value your business.

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