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Policy/Procedure: Many businesses do not have a policy or procedure manual. Those that do have one, typically have not reviewed it in years. R&A helps customize policy and procedures to your business so you and your business have guidelines to make you better.

Personnel: There are two constants when addressing personnel issues – trying to keep everyone happy and solving problems. R&A helps with both by helping you create policies that make sense and overall increase moral. R&A is also there to help you and your business when problems present themselves.

Business Plan: Many people think business plans are the key to starting a successful new business. They are half right. R&A knows that a business plan is key to keeping a successful business too. R&A helps you start a business plan and then follow it so it helps your business grow and helps your business plan grow too.

Training: What good are the tools without the training? R&A works with everyone in your business, including the owner, manager, employee, to ensure they understand not only your business but the industry as a whole. With great training and education comes great businesses and leaders.

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